Using Keyboard and Mouse With Your Android TV

Having a device such as the Droidplayer connected to your home TV opens up the internet like never before offering internet, youtube and movie streams at the click of a button.

However, when it comes to searching for content or entering a web address into a browser, using the standard remote can get a bit tricky when wanting to type several words and include symbols such as : and @.

Using the USB ports on the box you are able to plug in wired keyboards, and wireless keyboards as well as the remote/airmouse/keypads we sell.

Most of these keyboards will work straight away, however, to take advantage of the full keyboard layout and all its functions and symbols you need to tell Android you are using a ‘physical keyboard’ so that it allows the use of the shift key to access the symbols.

Go into

SETTINGS , OTHER, MORE SETTINGS, LANGUAGE AND INPUT.  Under ‘keyboard & input methods’ select ‘Default’ and a pop up menu will appear. From here turn ‘physical keyboard’ to ‘ON’

For a USB mouse, just plug it in and Go!

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