Using the Android Bluetooth Gamepad

The Android bluetooth gamepad is a welcome companion to the Android TV box, smartphone or Apple iPhone and iPad.

It has a multitude of buttons and allows you to play games that would be otherwise prohibitive when only relying on the standard Android remote control.



The first course of action is pairing it with your bluetooth enabled device. The instructions that come with the gamepad give different pairing advice depending on which device you are using it with. For instance, pairing with an Apple iPad (icade) uses a different button combination to put it into pair mode, than say pairing it with an Android TV box.

Follow the instructions to pair it with your particular device. Once paired, you then need to install games that are designed with a game pad in mind.

For Android, check out these lists of great games for making the most of the pad



For Apple IOS, search the appstore for ‘icade’ and a list of games will appear.

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