Manually Deleting Kodi/XBMC Config Folder

This guide will show you how to manually delete the XBMC config folder before the DP installer app downloads a new version and installs automatically.

Step 1. Go into file browser and navigate to Local Disk/Android/Data/ where you will see the below set of folders.
2014-03-17 10.58.05

Step 2. Choose the ‘Multi’ icon at the top so it turns yellow then scroll down to choose the org.xbmc.xbmc folder


Step 3. Once selected you will see a green tick on the right hand side of the screen.

2014-03-17 10.58.44

Step 4. Go back up to the menu options and press the edit icon next to the yellow ‘Multi’ icon. Scroll down and choose delete from the menu.

2014-03-17 10.59.09

This should now clear the org.xbmc.xbmc folder from the list of folders in the Data folder. If the folder still appears, try the steps again (sometimes it takes a couple of times to completely delete the folder)


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