Fixing Kodi When It Wont Start and other Apps

There is nothing quite as frustrating as an app that won’t start. Or it goes to a black screen, particularly when it’s a popular app like Kodi. Fortunately, fixing Kodi is fairly straight forward, however, it may mean losing the add-ons you’ve installed and starting again from scratch.

This process also works for other apps that are not behaving properly too.

Step 1. Go into the system settings from your Android home screen. And choose APPS from the options (for instructions on Android KitKat 4.2 see this post)


Fixing Kodi


Step 2. In Apps, scroll along DOWNLOADED APPS and find Kodi.


fixing kodi


fixing kodi


Step 3. Select the Kodi app from the list and inside you will see the following options




  • Open
  • Force stop
  • Uninstall
  • Clear data
  • Clear cache
  • Clear defaults
  • Notifications


Step 4. From the options, firstly choose FORCE STOP. Then choose CLEAR CACHE and then OK


fixing kodi


fixing kodi


Step 5. Now, return back out to the main Android home screen and try to start Kodi again. If it starts then great. If it doesn’t, then go back into settings and move to Step 6 below

Step 6. If clearing the cache was unsuccessful, you can now choose to CLEAR DATA from the list of options.

*Warning: Choosing CLEAR DATA will wipe your Kodi install of any Add-ons you have installed yourself. Once Kodi starts again, you will need to re-install any add-ons you’ve installed from scratch again. Unfortunately, sometimes, that is the nature of the beast when owning an Android TV box.


fixing kodi


fixing kodi


Step 7. Now, return back out again to the home screen and try again. If Kodi still fails to startup, you may need to choose UNINSTALL from the settings screen, or, if you are using our custom Kodi build, it will be simpler to just re-install the latest firmware for the box. See here on how to do that for all Gostreamer models and see here for all Droidplayer models.



6 Responses

  • hi my q box tries to start but the screen goes blank somtimes different colours of screen ,so i can not get in to the settings when it was working the led on the box would change colours but now it stays blue sometimes i get as far as it says optomising but then it just goes blank thanks john

  • Have tried all the suggested remedies so have gone to uninstall how do I now re install kodi

  • I have done all the above and still KODI would not work so I did uninstall as stated in step 7 but how do I now reinstall KODI. I have the G5 box

  • I Purchased a GSX Box and received same but cannot load Kodi onto it !!! DID NOT HAVE SD card in box! have been trying too download and install firmware but still NO GOOD! . Have even tryed downloading Kodi from Google but that does not bring up Google play store. My Order ID: 1216094
    How do I return unit and get money back? I will try ANY OTHER PRODUCT that may work!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Barry Hodges

  • So, once you have cleared everything (including addons) what do you need to install to get the movies and tv options back (as displayed when I bought the Droidplayer)?

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