Installing Android Firmware Updates Using OTA Updater

As of the 15/12/2016, we have a new version of the OTA updater app. Please see this post for details


This guide will show you how to run the OTA updater on your device to get the latest releases of our firmware.
From time to time, we release firmware updates to improve the experience of using or devices. Applying these updates is now very easy using OTA (Over The Air) Updater.

Firmware releases will be notified on our Twitter account so be sure to follow us! @droidplayerUK

* It is strongly advisable before you update your firmware, that you first, turn of the box and unplug for 10 seconds before powering back up and then taking the below steps.

Firstly, navigate to OTA updater on your home screen (if not showing on homescreen, go into My Apps) and select it (Dual core owners, it will be in ALL APPS)


*NOTE: If you are presented with a pop-up asking to grant permission for OTA to have SuperSU access please choose ALLOW or GRANT

Once in OTA Updater, scroll along to the ROM tab. From this screen you can see the ROM version you currently have installed on your system and any available updates will be shown at the bottom. NOTE: Sometimes, if you havent removed the power from your DroidPlayer for sometime, the Available Update may not show, in which case, scroll down and selct Available Updates, this will then make the update appear.



Select the Available Updates option and if one is available you will see the update dialogue appear


Choose Download


Once download is complete you will see the option to ‘Flash’. Choose this


Clean Install vs Update

Now, you have the following choices.

Wipe Date – This is like a factory reset. It erases all data on the box, installs the latest firmware and brings you back to the welcome screen to setup WIFI like you did when you first received the box from us.

Wipe Cache – This will just update the firmware with the latest additions/changes we have made. It leaves your logins, downloaded apps and personal settings on the player untouched.

For this guide we will just choose Wipe Cache and then choose install



Choose Install again and your box will reboot into the flashing screen


Once completed, the box will boot into the Android homescreen.

*It is strongly advised that you wait at least 4 minutes for the new update to take effect and update all the existing apps. You will most likely be met with several notifications for allowing google to verify apps. Choose decline (or accept, up to you) to each of these notifications. Once the notifications stop appearing, you know that your update is complete.

You are now ready to enjoy the latest update.


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