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        I’ve been trying for some time to find a way to replace the MBOX launcher (home screen) on my T8, because since the release of kodi helix 14 and isengaard 15 the big xbmc tile no longer opens the app. I had to do it via a separate kodi shortcut I created on the home screen. I’ve noticed several other people have had the same issue here.
        Here is how I fixed things to my satisfaction.
        I went to the google play store and downloaded the Nova Launcher (free version). While there I also downloaded the Wallpapers HD app by IncredibleApp! (There are several with this name, select the one you fancy). This would allow me to customise the home window wallpaper as the default on my box was pretty horrible.
        OK. With both apps downloaded I got asked which launcher I wanted to run and chose Nova – once only. This selection because if I didn’t like it or didn’t work I could revert to the original.
        I set up the home screen the way I wanted by dragging icons from the apps screen (like you would on a normal android phone or tablet). On the home screen, I pressed the home button on my air mouse (or the home icon at the bottom of the screen). This brought up the Nova toolbar. From here you can select the wallpaper of your choice – it works in conjunction with the Wallpaper app which you should run to select some nice wallpapers.

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