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    I have G8 Linux, currently running Kodi 16.1, albeit with Estuary Skin. I believe that this version of Kodi was released in Jan 2017.
    Now Kodi have announced the release of the Final version of Krypton (17.00), How can I upgrade to this version.
    Will this be automatic, or as a result of the LibreElec upgrade, when this becomes available.

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    GS Tech

    Hi, Once we are happy that Kodi 17 is fully stable, we shall be releasing a new version that can be installed with an SD card

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    Hi all. Any updates on this? I also have a G8 Linux with Kodi 16.1. How do I update this to Kodi 17? I tried using the firmware release on your site: “GS-G8 v2.0 Released:28/02/2017” available here: https://www.gostreamer.com/how-to/installing-android-firmware-for-all-gostreamer-models/

    But, I didn’t have much luck – the Android figure appeared, but then the screen seemed to go into a command mode, rather than automatic as described in your guide, so I abandoned it. As I didn’t have an SD card I had used a USB stick instead – could this have been a problem?

    Any help appreciated

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    Due to lack of demand, we are unable to create any new Linux builds on any platform.

    However, there is now a way to get the functionality of Kodi 17 on Android older than 5.0 using a great Kodi clone called FTMC.

    Full details here:

    Using Kodi 17 On Android Models Older Than 5.0

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