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      HI, just tried installing my new Libreelec MXQ Quad Core Kodi 17 for my Droidplayer.
      When I try install an add-on all I get is; Unable to connect to the server, think that I must of missed something out on the setup but what?
      Please help, Matt

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      Hi Matt,

      This usually occurs when the web http address is slightly incorrect.

      I would double check the address of the add-on server/source you are trying to connect to is correct. I would also check that you are definitely connected to the internet via your router (you need to set up internet access again from the LibreELEC software).

      let us know

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      Hi, checked internet that’s ok. IP address is ok as well, all goes fine until I try to install from zip file then nothing happens and the screen freezes.
      Am unable to do anything, even turn the box off.
      Regards Matt

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      Which repository are you trying to connect to?

      TVADDONS disappeared from the internet last week.

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      Peter Gow

      Wasting your time just now as I have posted previously due to an ongoing law suit in Texas by Dish Force most of the well known sites are closed down. There are a few still working but don’t hold out to much hope for them just now. Waiting in anticipation to see outcome.

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