Team 8gb USB 3.0 Micro Pen Drive C152


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Store movies, apps, photos and a whole host of other files for your Android TV box with this handy little ultra-fast micro-drive. In addition to the stylish and smart look of the drive, this C152 is made by COB (Chip On Board) packaging technology which offers waterproof and dust-proof protection. It also avoids data corruption or data loss which can be caused by external forces during operation. It provides all-around protection to keep your data safe.


1.COB assembly process: waterproof, dustproof
2.Supports hot-swap and plug-and-play
3.Backward compatible USB 1.1
4.Support power saving mode
5.Lightweight appearance making it easy to carry
6.Strap hole design
7.Ergonomic design, easy to pull
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