Using the MX3 Airmouse Remote Controller Keyboard

The MX3 remote air mouse brings using your Android TV box to a new dimension. With a point and click inertia system that moves the cursor on screen when you move the remote and a full QWERTY key board on the reverse. This guide will give you some insight about some of the features of this awesome remote

The MX3 remote pictured below.

The front side of the remote has your standard function buttons to navigate the box


However, flip the remote over and the back has an awesome slim-line QWERTY keyboard for typing.


Connecting the remote to the player is extremely simple

First, open the battery compartment and take out the USB wifi dongle inside. Put two AAA batteries into the remote, ensuring they are the correct way around


Then, simply plug the dongle  into one of the available USB ports on your player

And voila, your remote will start working immediately. You can now point your remote at the screen and move the cursor around with the movement of your hand

So, now you have it setup,  lets have a look at a few of the features

ReturnBack Button


This brings you back to the menu you were previously in

Home Button


Brings you back to the main menu

Menu button


Pressing this button brings up a small pop up menu when in a Kodi add-on. Used for adding things to favourites

Cursor On/Off


Pressing this button will turn off the mouse cursor function of the remote, leaving just the standard directional pad working. If the remote is left idle for a while, the remote cursor will automatically come back on.


This button will mute your device audio

Accessing the symbols in blue

On the keyboard there are characters and symbols in white, which are the most used, and ones in blue, which arent used so much. To type one of the blue characters, press the ALT button


Remote learning feature

If you would like your MX3 remote to learn some commands from another remote, then you can teach it to ‘copy’ the IR signal of the other remote. For instance, whilst the power button will turn your player off, it wont turn it back on because its not using the same ‘Turn on’ signal as your standard android remote.  So here is what to do

1) Get your standard android remote (or any remote that you want to replicate a button from) and place it end-to-end with the MX3 so that the IR receivers are facing each other.

2) Then, on the MX3 press and hold the red TV button.


You will see the LED flashing rapidly then slow to a steady flash (the steady flash means the X3 is now in ‘learning’ mode)

4) Release the ‘TV’ button.

5) Now press the power button on the standard remote (or whichever button you want to map) You will see the LED light stop flashing and glow continuously, at this point press the power button on your MX3 remote. The LED will then flash again and eventually extinguish.

This means the MX3 has finished ‘learning’ the IR code from the other remote and has successfully mapped it to the power button

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