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        My G8 go streamer box has been excellent up till now, okay you need to re-install or reboot now and then but that’s fine. The problem is I need to re-install GS which have have done a few times over the last few months but this time it keeps stating I am not connected to the internet but it is. Wifi connection is excellent I have also tried using the ethernet cable again it states it’s connected but when I go to install GS a message keeps appearing stating the system is not connected leaving the android box useless.

        Please help if anyone knows how to rectify this issue.


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        GS Tech

          Hi, Our Kodi download server had an issue with its IP address recenetly and needed to change. It seems that for boxes which already downloaded Kodi, and then needed to be reset, it still remembers the old IP address, so a reinstall of the firmware is needed. Very easy to do, firmware can be downloaded from here and following these instructions: https://www.gostreamer.com/how-to/installing-android-firmware-for-all-gostreamer-models/

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