How To Remove & Reinstall Troublesome Add-ons

Walkthrough showing how to remove an add-on within XBMC and reinstall it. This is especially useful if the add-on is playing up or giving script errors.

1. In XBMC go to System – Settings – Add-ons
2. Choose Enabled Add-ons – Video Add-ons
3. Find whichever add-on is affected and select it
4. On the pop-up screen choose to un-install. This will remove the addon from XBMC
5. Come back out to the Add-ons screen where you chose ‘Enabled Add-ons’ earlier.
6. This time choose Get Add-ons
7. Now choose All Add-ons – Video Addons
8. Scroll through the list to find each add-on you require, select it and choose install from the pop-up. Wait a few seconds and you will see a message telling you the add-on has been enabled in the bottom right hand corner.
9. Go back to the XBMC home screen and open up each add-on that you have re-installed. Leave it for a few minutes to see if it updates.

This Video runs you through it

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