Wifi wont turn on or freezes with ' Refresh Access Point' on Dual Core – Fix

Please install this app onto your Android box by putting it onto a USB stick or SD card and plugging into your box. Then press the ‘FILE’ button at the top of your remote which will open up a file browser. Move the cursor left to the big home button and select it. Now you should see your USB stick below, scroll down to select your USB stick (or SD card if used) then select the ‘Root Explorer v3.1.9.apk’ app to install it. Once installed choose ‘open’.

With ‘Root Explorer’ now open you should see a list of folders. On this screen, scroll down and choose ‘data’ then scroll down and choose ‘misc’ then finally scroll down and choose ‘wifi’.

In here you will see some files. Using the remote scroll down to ‘wpa_supplicant.conf’ so its highlighted and then press and hold the ‘OK’ button on your remote until you see a pop up menu appear. From this menu choose ‘Delete’. Confirm you want to delete the file.

Now, press the ‘home’ button on your remote and now press the red power button to turn off your box. Unplug the box from the power cable for 5 seconds and then plug back in. You should now be able to turn on the wifi.


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