Teach MX3 Remote To Learn IR Signals from Other Remotes

The MX3 air mouse/remote can be taught to learn the IR signals given off by the Android standard remote for tasks such as turning the box on and off.

For instance, to get the MX3 remote to learn the on/off switch from your Android remote do the following:

Get your standard Android remote and place it end-to-end with the MX3 so that the IR receivers are facing each other. Then, on the air mouse press and hold the red TV button. You will see the LED flashing rapidly then slow to a steady flash (the steady flash means the MX3 is now in ‘learning’ mode). Release the ‘TV’ button and then press the power button on your standard remote. You will see the LED light stop flashing and glow continuously, then flash again and eventually extinguish. This means the MX3 has finished ‘learning’ the IR code from the other remote and has successfully mapped it to the power button.

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