Setting up for BT Infinity/Broadband Users

Some BT internet users are experience issues connecting their box to the internet for the first time due to the way the BT Infinity router blocks new wireless devices automatically.

This can mean that you get script errors within Kodi, or some apps that rely on the internet do not respond.

The main reason for this is the way that the BT broadband/infinity router greets a new device that is added to the network. When first connecting a device to a BT internet router the router puts the device into ‘getting started mode’. This basically presents a ‘getting started’ page when you first browse the web from the device, however, the drawback with this is that not every device is going to be used to ‘view’ the web with a browser and thus it blocks all traffic out to the internet until this getting started page is completed.

You can turn off this annoying feature of your router by following the instructions on this page

However, if you would rather keep this feature on your router use the instructions below to configure your android box to workConnect the Android box to the router either via wifi or ethernet cable.

Go into ALL APPS and open a browser. Try and browse to and This  should greet you with a BT broadband welcome page asking you to get started. Using the remote (it may be easier to press the cursor button and use the pointer on screen) follow the instructions to getting started. When asked about logging into your BT account choose no. After completing the steps you should be able to start XBMC and access LIVE TV and the other add-ons without further issue.

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