Reinstall XBMC Configuration Folder on DroidPlayer Android Box

From time to time you may come across a need to revert your XBMC install back to the way it was when it arrived in the post complete with all the pre-configured video and music add-ons, ready to use. Below is a quick guide showing you how to easily do this. You will need a USB memory stick.

NOTE: If you have previously done a fresh install of Android onto your box, then the folder called ‘Data’ will be missing from the ‘Android’ folder depicted in the video. If this is the case, you can either run XBMC once (which will automatically create the ‘data’ folder) or put the org.xbmc.xbmc folder inside a folder called ‘data’ on your USB key.

(Warning, This procedure will overwrite XBMC and restore it to the state it was in when shipped from us. Any new add-ons or settings installed into XBMC after the box was received will be lost)

Download this file to your computer, then unzip it (extract it) to a USB memory stick. This config folder is for use with Gotham 13 XBMC.

NOTE: This step of unzipping/extracting the folder is very important! On a PC, once you have downloaded it, you should be able to right click on the zip file and choose ‘Extract all’ then choose a location where you want to ‘Extract/unzip’ the folder to.

Once you have the extracted org.xbmc.xbmc folder, copy and paste it onto your USB memory stick and follow the instructions on the following video to copy and paste it into the folder located on your android device (Remember: The folder called data might not exist within the Android folder on your box, so if not, you will need to create a new folder on your USB key called ‘Data’ and move the unzipped org.xbmc.xbmc folder into it). The part you need to watch is from 3 minutes 53 seconds in but it is good to watch the whole video to see how you copy and paste using the remote.

Here is the Instructional Video

Once the folder has finished copying over, the pop up window (showing the progress) will disappear and you can press the home button on your remote and then go into XBMC. The shortcuts and all add-ons should all appear correctly.

Remember: When you paste the folder onto the Android box from the USB stick, the process takes about 8 minutes. If you are not confronted with the progress pop up window then you have not done one of the steps correctly


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