Installation Instructions for Upgrading to New Gotham Package

Dual-Core Users – In order to receive continued support, please follow the instructions below to install XBMC Gotham 13 and the Gotham 13 add-on package


*Quad-Core users, you already have Gotham 13 installed so please skip the step of removing XBMC after ‘clearing data’ and also skip the step of installing XBMC.


Step 1: Firstly, click on the link to download ‘DP Installer 2014’:


Step 2: After downloading  ‘DP Installer 2014’, put it onto a USB stick or SD card and plug into your box.

Step 3: You will need to remove the old version of DP installer first. Go into Settings > Other > More settings > Apps and find ‘DP Installer’ in the list.

Step 4: Choose ‘DP Installer’ from the list by pressing ‘OK’ on your remote and you will see a screen that has an option to ‘uninstall’ at the top. Once you have un-installed DP Installer, find XBMC in the list of apps

*NOTE: If there is’nt an option to uninstall ‘DP Installer’, please follow these instructions to uninstall the app. Alternatively, the app can be installed alongside the old app so that there are two versions visible.

Step 5: Go into the XBMC app in settings and choose ‘Clear data’. Then choose ‘uninstall’. If the option to uninstall is not visible, please follow these instructions to uninstall the app.

IMPORTANT! Once both DP Installer and XBMC have been successfully removed from the system, please switch off your box using the remote and then unplug for 10 seconds before carrying out the remaining  instructions.

Step 6: After your box has powered back up to the Android homescreen, press the FILE button on your remote (Quad core users navigate to My Apps>Filebrowser). From here select the ‘home’ icon at the top left of the screen. Then browse to your USB memory key and find ‘DP Installer 2014’

Step 7: Select the app on the USB key and it will install onto your box. When installed choose ‘open’

Step 8: Choose ‘Install XBMC Gotham 13 for Dual Core’. Follow all instructions and do not choose open when installed as it will take you out of the app (Quad Core users can skip this step also as you already have XBMC gotham installed)

Step 9: Choose to install the ‘Add-on Config Package for Gotham 13’ (this will download a large file upwards of 450mb so will probably take around 20 minutes)

When the add-on config has finished downloading it will display 100% until the config folder has been installed in the background and this may take a minute or two. Please wait till you see the message ‘Installation Done’ before exiting the installer app.

Now start XBMC from the homepage and the new config should be loaded.


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