Installing M8N Firmware

Step by step guide to updating firmware on the M8N

First you will need to download the software from here:

Droidplayer M8N Quad Firmware

(This firmware is for the ‘M8N’ variant. Please check the sticker on the underside of your device to confirm it is ‘M8N’. If your device is the older ‘M8’ you will require a different firmware)

Next, you will need an SD card and a thin tool such as a jewellers screwdriver, paperclip, or matchstick to reset the device.

Here is the walk through video:

Once installed and after you have setup your wifi or ethernet connection, run XBMC and it will prompt you to install the latest config select ‘INSTALL DP’.

, Installing M8N Firmware

, Installing M8N Firmware

, Installing M8N Firmware

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