Manually Pairing RC12/RC11 Remote Keyboard/Mousepad

Using the RC12/RC11 remote keyboard and air mouse on your Android device is a godsend. Typing web addresses and search criteria is so much easier than using the cursor on the standard remote to select keys one at a time. However, sometimes the connection between the keyboard and wireless dongle can get disrupted. When this happens, its pretty easy to reset the connection between the two and ‘re-pair’ the devices.

How to pair USB dongle with RC12/RC11 Keyboard (see page IV of supplied manual for diagram):

1. Unplug the dongle from the USB port of the android box.
2. Put the keyboard flat on a table or floor near the Android box and ensure the android box is turned on.
3. Press and hold the following buttons in sequence until you see the blue LED lights above the track pad flash repeatedly > Up arrow, Down arrow and enter.
4.  Now plug the dongle into a USB port on the Android box.
5. The blue flashing LED lights on the keyboard should then stop flashing.
6. The keyboard and USB dongle should now be paired.




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