LIVE TV Not currently Working – Fix

Recently, a lot of users experienced problems viewing Live TV channels on our boxes

*NOTE: We have just updated our config to resolve these problems and many others, please see this post for details


FTV have released an update to their FTV addon (the addon that our config uses when clicking on any link in the LIVE TV menu) which should resolve the issues that LIVE TV has been having recently.

Basically, FilmOn changed the type of streaming protocol they were using which left FTV unable to connect. FTV has now updated to allow for these new streaming protocols and the latest version is 1.2.5. The boxes should auto update but if you are still having issues you can check the version by going into Video Addons (underneath the MOVIES title on main ribbon) and finding FTV. It will show the version number next to the addon.

Now, some customers might find that some streams drop out after a few minutes. This maybe because FilmOn have started blocking access to their High Quality streams for external Add-ons such as FTV. To remedy this, you need to go go into Video Addons then highlight FTV. Then press the blue ‘menu’ button on the remote and choose ‘Add-on settings’. From this window scroll right and down to FilmOn Quality and change it to low.

This should hopefully fix the issue.

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