Kodi Comes to DroidPlayer! Update Now!

We are excited to announce the arrival of our new Kodi package for Droidplayer.

This is now available on all our devices.

, Kodi Comes to DroidPlayer! Update Now!

, Kodi Comes to DroidPlayer! Update Now!

As most of you will know, XBMC changed their name to Kodi last year leaving Gotham 13.0 as the last version to hold the XBMC moniker. Kodi was launched with version 14.0.

We have been patiently waiting for the right time to move over to Kodi and now that several updates have been released and its been tested in the wild for a good few months, we are happy to move our system over to it.

, Kodi Comes to DroidPlayer! Update Now!

Our config has also undergone some streamlining and trimming of excess fat with the removal of many unnecessary and defunct add-ons and repositories. This makes loading up quicker and cuts down on  the time that Kodi spends checking for and installing auto-updates upon startup, which can be annoying when you want to dive straight in and watch your favourite on-line content.

We have also added a new part of the menu ribbon within Kodi called Maintenance. The sub menus for this ribbon item contain our custom tools to keep your config running smoothly.

Update – this launches our small updater, to download any small tweaks and changes to our kodi config.

Clean Start – this will delete all the Kodi config data and cache, reboot and install the latest Kodi config so that you are back with a ‘Clean’ version.

Log Uploader – .choosing this will allow you to upload a log file to our support guys so we can take a look at what is happening with your config. Remember, to use the Log up loader, you’ll need to have contacted our support team first and obtain a unique support ID to submit with your log.

, Kodi Comes to DroidPlayer! Update Now!

Kodi comes as part of our latest firmware release, which also brings you OTA updates (see here). This means that after this firmware install you will no longer have to download firmware manually and carry out an SD card firmware install (more info on this here).

The new firmware is available from our sticky of Firmware versions, download and install to enjoy the new Kodi config and OTA updater.

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