Introducing Our New Droidplayer Updaters

We are pleased to announce the introduction of the Droidplayer updater add-ons. These addons will make it possible to update and re-install your XBMC config from within XBMC itself. We created these add-ons to eliminate the need for a total re-install of the config every time we release a change to our XBMC custom configuration. The Droidplayer Small Updater (DSU) allows you to install our latest changes and updates to the config whilst the Droidplayer Large Updater (DLU) will completely re-install XBMC to the state of the last update (for those who have severe problems with XBMC).

Those of you who have purchased a Droidplayer after December the 5th should already have the updaters installed in your Program Add-ons within XBMC.

, Introducing Our New Droidplayer Updaters

, Introducing Our New Droidplayer Updaters

Every time we release a config update (notified via the blog) you will be able to use the DSU to apply the update to your system. Simply select DP SMALL UPDATER and if an update is available it will automatically download. If an update is not available, or you are already using the latest config, you will receive a script error.

For those that do not have the DSU in program add-ons, please use our DP Installer app to install the latest version of our firmware. This will also install the DSU and DLU for future use.

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