Configure a Proxy/VPN on Droidplayer Kodi/XBMC

Guide to adding a proxy server and VPN to Droidplayer Kodi/XBMC

A Proxy server sits out on the internet and deals with traffic and web requests ‘on your behalf’. Connecting to a proxy server means you are not directly accessing the sites that are blocked within the UK as long as the proxy server you are connecting to is based outside the UK. However, most free proxy servers can be unreliable so if you really want to gaurentee uninterupted streaming from the UK, then it would be prudent to invest a few pounds each month for a paid proxy service or VPN. A VPN is a secure tunnel through the internet between two devices (e.g. your android device and a server located elsewhere in the world).

Watch this video to see how to add a proxy server to XBMC

Here is a quick guide to adding a VPN to your DroidPlayer Android device.

We have found that the best and most affordable VPN provider is Private Internet Access


, Configure a Proxy/VPN on Droidplayer Kodi/XBMC

1)  Signup for an account with Private Internet Access through their web site. You’ll receive an email from them with your login details once payment is completed.

2) Go into ALL APPS on the Android device

3) look for the Private VPN Icon, open it.

4) Enter your username and password that you received from privateinternetaccess via email after signup.

5) Select whether you want to automatically connect to a VPN when you start the Android box, or just when you start up the VPN app.

6) If you are in the UK choose a VPN connection that is outside the UK, such as the Netherlands, or the USA. If you are outside the UK and want to watch UK content, choose a VPN that is within the UK such as London

7) Once chosen, the VPN will start up and you should see the connection dialogue at the bottom of the screen.

You can now press return or home key on your remote and the VPN will work in the background


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