Re-Install XBMC and Add-ons Using Custom Droidplayer Installer App

Please see our new updated Installer instructions found at this link


A step-by-step video showing you how to do this can be found here

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Step 1. Install the app onto the box (Put it onto a USB memory stick, plug into your box and press ‘FILE’ button at top of your remote. Navigate to USB key and select the file to install it). Once installed choose ‘Done’ , then exit back to the android homescreen. 1 2 3


Step 2. Go into ‘All Apps’ and select the ‘DP Installer app which is usually located at the top right hand side of the screen. 4


Step 3. Once open, choose the option to ‘Remove XBMC’


Step 4. Next choose the option to ‘Install XBMC’. This will download the XBMC app from our server and install (remember to choose ‘done’ instead of ‘open’ after XBMC finishes installing).


Step 5. Choose to install the ‘Droidplayer Add-ons Config’ (this will download a 753mb file so will probably take around 20 minutes)


When the add-on config has finished downloading it will display 100% until the config folder has been installed in the background and this may take a minute or two. Please wait till you see the message ‘Processing’ disappear before exiting the installer app.


You are now all set to go.

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