Upgrade to Gotham 13 for Quad Core RK3188

For those owners of the dual core RK3188 Android box (Slim silver box with ariel)  wanting to upgrade to our latest Gotham add-on package, follow these instructions

Firstly,  you will need to remove the old version of XBMC (Frodo 12.2)

From the Android homescreen, go into ALL-APPS and open SETTINGS > APPS. In the APPS screen you will see XBMC. Select it then from the options choose to ‘clear cache’ and then ‘clear data’ and then finally choose ‘uninstall’.

Next, please download this new version of XBMC Gotham 13 for RK3188

Once downloaded, copy over to a USB key, plug into your RK3188 and then in ALL APPS, open up the EXPLORER app, navigate to your USB key and select the XBMC file to install. When the install has finished, choose ‘done’

 Now follow these steps to install our new preconfigured add-ons folder

1. Download the XBMC CONFIG zip file from our website (around 590mb large), then unzip/Extract the folder to a location on your PC.

NOTE: This step of unzipping/extracting the folder is very important! On a PC you should be able to right click the zip file and choose ‘Extract all’ then choose a location where you want to ‘Extract/unzip’ the folder to.

2. Once you have unzipped the org.xbmc.xbmc folder, navigate to it on your PC copy it and then paste it to a USB memory stick.

3. Now plug the USB memory stick into the rear USB port of the RK3188 (next to antennae) and make sure the Andorid box is turned on.

4. Within the apps screen on your Android box, there is an app called ‘Explorer’, select it.

5. You will now see the below screen in the explorer app. Scroll down and select your USB stick and go in til you find the org.xbmc.xbmc folder

, Upgrade to Gotham 13 for Quad Core RK3188

6.Now, you need to use the icons in the menu at the top of the screen to select the folder on your USB key. Scroll up and select the menu icon called ‘multi‘. Then scroll back down to the org.xbmc.xbmc folder and select it, the folder name should turn pink

, Upgrade to Gotham 13 for Quad Core RK3188

, Upgrade to Gotham 13 for Quad Core RK3188

7. Now scroll back up to the menu and select the icon called ‘Editor‘ and choose ‘copy‘ from the pop-up menu that appears. This method of using the ‘multi‘ and ‘editor‘ icons is what you will need to use to copy and paste the folder from your USB stick to the directory on your box

, Upgrade to Gotham 13 for Quad Core RK3188

Now, select the HOME icon at the top left to take you back out to the main Explorer menu.  Scroll down and select the Internal Flash (this is the hard drive of the device), then select the ‘Android‘ folder, then the ‘data‘ folder

You will now be within the Internal Flash/Android/data folder. Scroll up to the ‘editor’ icon again and this time choose ‘paste’. Then select ‘foreground‘ when prompted. This will now paste the org.xbmc.xbmc folder that you copied from your USB memory stick, into the correct location. It will take around 6 or 7 minutes for it to finish copying. Leave the box until the copying pop up disappears and you are back looking at the Internal Flash/Android/data folder

Once this has finished, you can press the return button on your remote and exit out of explorer. When you start  XBMC, your screen should look like this

, Upgrade to Gotham 13 for Quad Core RK3188

, Upgrade to Gotham 13 for Quad Core RK3188







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